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Drupal Content Management System

Getting close with the Drupal CMS.

We have come to appreciate how effective Drupal can be. As designers & developers, we rely greatly on the efficiency & empowerment given by today's gizmos & technology. Drupal is a fundamental resource within our service offerings, in almost every way. & our team absolutely love how far we can push the boundries of our digital solutions.

Its why we do what we do, while enjoying it too.


Flexible foundation & structure.
Allowing information to be customised & arranged in a creative, visually stunning layout,
that is unique to your brand.

A manageable & scalable digital solution.
Real-time updates made on the spot, easily & right now.
Plus, when the time arrives & your online brand requires new features or a new look, we are there to assist each step of the way, from strategy to launch.

No licensing; great for the community, for growth, for dynamic development by thousands of contributors located around the globe.
Powered by the spirit to create a more efficient & stronger platform, for everyone.

a quick look at our services

Ingen Media Offers Responsive Website Design & Development


from laptops to smartphones

These days, it’s as important to have a responsive website, as it is to have a website at all. Is your website built for today's technology?

Ingen Media Offers Graphic Design Services


a website is a work of art

Our designers push boundries with creative thinking & shape quality with keen eyes. All polished off by professional art directors.
This is how we work.

Ingen Media Website Design & Development


does your site impress you?

Our developers love Drupal. Simple to use, flexible, customisable, fast, seo friendly, easily edit and maintain using any browser...

Ingen Media Offers Affordable Hosting


monitored & secure. simple

Our servers are managed by staff who live in the web world 26 hours a day, ensuring optimal performance & built to suit our website standards.
The perfect match.

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